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Alcohol Detox West Palm Beach

About Alcohol Addiction 

Deciding to eliminate alcohol from your life is a courageous and admirable choice. Alcohol addiction impacts millions of people, and overcoming the disease without professional help can be highly channeling. Long-time abusers of alcohol will experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms as they attempt to overcome the dependence, and this complex process makes seeking treatment complicated. While you feel ready to take the necessary steps to enter into a life of sobriety, you may have questions about how to start your alcohol detox in West Palm Beach.

Many have reservations about what it will be like to overcome alcohol addiction. The critical thing to remember is that The Healing Place has an expert staff team of medical professionals and counselors who work tirelessly to ensure that each patient’s safety and comfortability are held in the highest regard. You will not be alone throughout your alcohol detox process, and you will have consistent support and care from our staff team each day, and we will be by your side every step of the way. 

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What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Once alcohol is removed, your body will resist the change and cause unpleasant physiological reactions known as withdrawal symptoms. Some withdrawal symptoms can be mild to moderate, while others have the potential of becoming severe or life-threatening if they are not treated and monitored by a healthcare professional. 

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Common withdrawal symptoms felt during alcohol detox are:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches 
  • Vomiting 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Fatigue 
  • Tremors- usually felt within your hands 
  • Vivid dreams or nightmares 
  • Mood swings 
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping

These symptoms are relatively manageable and do not pose a risk to your overall well-being. Suppose you are someone who has been drinking heavily or consuming large amounts of alcohol for an extended period. In that case, you may experience delirium tremens (DT’s) during your alcohol detox. DT’sare the most serious symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and, if not treated by medical professionals, can produce dangerous side effects to the user. Symptoms of DT’sDT’s include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures 
  • Confusion
  • Agitation 
  • Impaired motor functioning 
  • Autonomic hyperactivity including high blood pressure and elevated heart rate 
  • High fever 
  • Excessive, heavy sweating 

If you are experiencing DT’s, you must be under the careful supervision of a medical professional to ensure your safety and well-being. If you try to go through DT’sDT’s on your own, you risk potentially putting yourself in a fatal situation. 

How Long Does Detox Last?

Patients entering into alcohol detox in West Palm Beach will typically begin feeling withdrawal symptoms approximately eight hours after their last drink. These symptoms will generally be mild to moderate. By day three, usually, patients will hit the peak of their withdrawal symptoms and experience the more severe symptoms of their alcohol withdrawal. This period will often last until day seven when your symptoms will begin to subside, and you will start to regain your health and strength again. In some cases, patients have experienced alcohol withdrawal for ten days. Your detox time will depend on your history of alcohol use and will be unique to your specific relationship with your addiction. 

What Happens After Detox?

Once you feel healthy and stable after alcohol detox in West Palm Beach, you will move into an alcohol rehab program. Removing alcohol from your body is the first step in recovery, as alcoholism is a disease that affects your mind, body, and soul. Detox targets healing your physical needs by removing alcohol from your body. Alcohol rehab will look after healing you mentally and emotionally from the pains of addiction. You will have the option of participating in alcohol rehab for 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on your level of need. During this time, you will engage in the many evidence-based treatment modalities offered within The Healing Place to help you identify the root causes of your addiction and heal from those deep-rooted emotions within. As you emotionally begin to recover from the depths of your addiction, our counselors will work with you to learn the skills needed for relapse prevention and effective emotional regulation. Life will still have highs and lows in recovery, but the critical piece is that you have the tools to handle any challenges and remain sober. 

The Healing Place honors each patient’s right to a full-body, mind, and soul healing process to ensure success in sobriety. That is why we offer our patients opportunities to engage in the many holistic treatment options available in our center that will have you learning new ways to manage triggering situations or thoughts and keep you on track with your sobriety. 

The Healing Place is where West Palm Beach residents turn to when they want to remove alcohol from their lives and find their purpose again in life. Our alcohol detox in West Palm Beach highlights the importance of holistic healing and incorporating faith-based programming. Our patients will receive the individualized care they need to find their way in the world again through a sober lens. When you enter an alcohol detox and rehab program at The Healing Place, you will no longer be alone and have ongoing support even after leaving our doors. We are committed to supporting you in making the long-term change into a life in recovery.

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