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Residential Treatment

Individualized Addiction Treatment

At The Healing Place located in Lauderhill, Florida, our residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment program is designed to help each individual find a pathway towards living a fulfilled life of recovery. Our experienced and skilled staff work closely with each client, utilizing evidence based care to create an effective pathway of recovery.

The proven therapies treat the whole person including the psychological, physiological and spiritual needs of our clients. Our approach of finding the root causes of ones addictions allow us to effectively design a long term focused pathway for each individual.

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“The Healing Place is dedicated towards making each person who walks through our doors feel safe and confident about their future.”

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment occurs after a client completes a detox program in which the client is able to safely withdrawal from the substances their body and mind are addicted to. During their stay at a residential treatment program, individualized addiction therapy and recovery programs are administered. In addition, staff will work with each client during their time at a residential treatment facility such as ours to build a clear path of recovery for their future.

Recovering at The Healing Place not only helps clients feel safe, but it also allows them to create the building blocks for a successful future. To learn more about our residential treatment programs, contact us right now!

About The Healing Place

The Healing Place was created by dedicated people who sought to offer individualized addiction treatment programs to help with each persons unique needs. The lives of each person differ in certain ways which is why we feel it is important to treat each persons recovery uniquely as well. From our detox to our residential addiction treatment center in Lauderhill Florida, we offer a beautiful and serene setting for each person to recover in a safe environment. Located near Fort Lauderdale, our clients have access to the ocean among other tropical destinations throughout this part of Florida. Our experienced and dedicated staff work with each person individually to help set the best pathway of recovery for our clients.

Why Choose The Healing Place?

Our detox and residential addiction treatment programs at The Healing Place stand out because of the experience and professionalism our dedicated staff bring to each client. Most of our staff themselves are in recovery from substance abuse disorder which helps them understand what each client is going through and how to treat them. For those who choose The Healing Place to begin their recovery from addiction, we are able to help show a clear path for building a future following our residential program. Our integrative and comprehensive addiction programs are geared towards giving each person the best chance at living a positive and productive life of recovery.

If you or a loved one are in need of addiction treatment, or are interested in finding our more about our treatment programs, contact us today and one of our expert staff members will be able to walk you through the process.

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