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The Healing Place

An Addiction Treatment Program That Cares

The Healing Place, our addiction drug and alcohol rehab facility located in Lauderhill, FL, is just that — a healing place. Those who attend our programs do so with the intent to heal from the destruction of their addiction and begin a new, fresh start.

We are a full-service drug and alcohol detox center, meaning that those who come to us with a dependence on drugs or alcohol can detox safely and under the care of medical and mental health professionals here in south Florida. We strive to make this difficult process as smooth and comfortable as possible, allowing you to lay a solid foundation for your success in recovery.

In addition to detox services, we also offer residential programming. We host clients for 30, 60, or 90 days at a time as they engage in therapy sessions to treat the mental and emotional aspects related to their substance use disorder.

Our Mission

At The Healing Place, our mission is to provide an individualized, evidenced-based treatment program in a relaxing, compassionate, and caring environment where patients can feel safe and are encouraged to live a life of sobriety. We will always respect our patients’ rights and their dignity throughout the process from addiction to recovery.

Our Vision

By adopting an environment of care, trust, and patience with each client who walks though our doors, our vision is that each client develops a clear understanding of substance use disorder and that they will discover how to recover through evidenced-based modalities, 12-step programming, and alternate methods.

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