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20 Celebrities Who Shared They Were Sober in 2021

The Power of Celebrities Sharing Their Sober Journeys

When you’re in the depths of your active addiction it can be a very lonely place to be. You may feel that there are few people who understand the struggles that you go through on a daily basis trying to fight your addiction and attempting to get sober. Often individuals will become isolated during their addiction and, for some, witnessing the evolution of celebrities fight through their addiction and achieve sobriety can provide a new sense of motivation and inspiration to begin your path to recovery.

Celebrities often are held high on a pedestal and the public perception is that these stars do not experience hardships in life. Hearing stories about the trials and tribulations and, ultimately, successes in sobriety can help normalize their personal journeys to become relatable and inspiring for your own personal hopes for change. 

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Celebs Who Announced They Were Sober in 2021

  1. Adele – The singer has been open about quitting drinking after recognizing that her use of alcohol after her divorce became destructive where she began to lose sight of herself. Adele credits her quitting drinking to how she was able to get to know herself and learn to love herself again. 
  2. Tim McGraw – The singer has been candid about how his wife Faith Hill was the reason that he was able to get sober. Tim recalled taking a shot at 8 o’clock one morning and his wife hugging him expressing her fear and concern for him. Tim was able to get sober after that. 
  3. The Weeknd – The singer recently disclosed that he had problems using hard drugs and in August 2021 realized that he needed to stop using drugs as a crutch and work on himself to learn why he used drugs as a crutch. 
  4. Lily Allen – The singer turned to social media to proudly share that she has been “clean and serene” for 18 months and encouraged others to do the same. 
  5. Drew Barrymore – The actress has been open with the public about her struggles with drug addiction from a young age. As of recently, Drew has given up drinking alcohol and reported that she recognized that drinking alcohol served her no purpose. 
  6. Josh Brolin – The actor has recently celebrated 10 years in sobriety and recently shared his gratitude for the fulfilling life he has with his wife and children due to getting sober. 
  7. Kit Harrington – The Game of Thrones star has recently opened up about his drinking and said that his drinking progressed while filming GOT. Kit said that after the show wrapped, he hit an all time low and recognized that he needed to get help. Kit is now sober and grateful for his newfound life in recovery and has let go of any shame associated with having an addiction. 
  8. Jamie Lee Curtis – The actress just recently celebrated a longstanding 22 years of sobriety milestone. 
  9. Patricia Heaton – In July 2021, the actress proudly shared over social media that she had reached 3 years of sobriety from alcohol. Patricia attributes her ability to get and remain sober to her 3 children. 
  10. Jack Osbourne – Jack has been candid to the public about his past struggles with addiction and recently celebrated 18 years in recovery. 
  11. Florence Welch – The lead singer of Florence and the Machine shared via social media that she had reached 7 years sober and gave words of encouragement to others to find their way in sobriety and exclaimed that she knows the struggles of addiction and to remember to remain strong. 
  12. Macklemore – The rapper makes music that depicts his life in recovery and battles with relapse. Macklemore has been open about his journey through rehab and relapse and is now happily sober. 
  13. Anthony Hopkins – The actor recently celebrated an incredible 45 years in sobriety and shared his story of hope and inspiration over social media. 
  14. Tim Allen – The actor celebrated 22 years in sobriety and shared publicly the importance of taking sobriety day by day. 
  15. Jessica Simpson – The star shared that she has been sober since November 2017 after battling drug and alcohl addiction after using it is a way to cope with sexual abuse she endured as a child. Jessica is now happy, healthy, and sober and shares her message of strength and courage with fans. 
  16. Jason Biggs – The actor attempted to get sober many times and was able to get the support he needed in October 2018. Jason has been able to remain sober and healthy since then and shares his message of hope and resilience to keep trying to get sober to the public. 
  17. Eminem – The rapper has been open and honest about his battle with addiction to vicodin and sleeping pills. In 2018, Eminem shared a picture on Instagram that celebrated his 10 years of sobriety. 
  18. Brad Pitt – The high profile Hollywood actor has publicly come out saying that he lives a life of sobriety after realizing that his use of alcohol was becoming problematic and unhealthy. 
  19. Daniel Radcliffe – The Harry Potter star has been candid with the media about his alcoholism and relapses. Daniel is sober again and celebrating 3 years of sobriety. 
  20. Ronnie Ortiz Margo – One of the stars of Jersey Shore, a show that often depicted his drinking escapades, has been open with the public about how he decided to get sober and better his life by going to rehab in 2019. Ronnie remains sober now and is focused on being a good father and person all around. 

Inspired to Get Sober? Take the Next Step

Addiction can happen to anyone regardless of occupation or socioeconomic status, including celebrities. When you know that your addictive behaviors have started to become unmanageable and affect your life, you know that it is time to make a change. As you witness the success of well-known celebrities in recovery from addiction, you too can have the same stories of hope and happiness unfold in your own life.

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