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Top Rated Prescription Drug Rehab in Fort Lauderdale

When you are experiencing a medical concern or ailment, you turn to your doctor in your greatest time of need. You might be in pain from a major surgery, injury, or chronic medical condition and need pain management support. While for some other patients, you  may be experiencing severe mental health concerns that have been impacting your ability to function through day to day life. While your doctor has good intentions for helping you and prescribes you medication to help mitigate the severity of your symptoms, there can be negative side effects of these medications. The dark side of the use of prescription drugs is the highly addictive components that leave patients feeling tied to their addiction and unable to function each day without using them. You know that you have legit medical concerns that need to be addressed but on the same token, you recognize that your prescription drug use has transitioned into a dangerous pattern of use. 

Fort Lauderdale residents have experienced the life changing prescription drug rehab programs offered at The Healing Place. Addiction is oftentimes tied to feelings of shame and guilt and the culture we set within our program is one of empowerment and understanding. Having an addiction does not poorly reflect on who you are as a person and while it can be easy to feel shame when you do not have the proper support systems in place, when you enter into our prescription drug rehab our staff will help you recognize your own personal strength and willpower that has gotten you through your addiction and through our doors. The work we do with our patients is centered on evidence based therapies that apply a strength focused lens. Your time with us will help you recognize the courage and willpower you have had within you the whole time through your addiction. 

Through our holistic and comprehensive approaches to treatment, you will gain perspective on the leading causes for your addiction and learn methods to work past those feelings to move into a life of sobriety. Often, patients turn to prescription drugs as a way to escape from reality and eliminate unpleasant emotions. Living a life of sobriety will still have displeasurable moments but the difference will be, when you are sober, that you will have the knowledge and ability to identify and effectively process the emotions that you are feeling. 

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“Being cared for during the drug and alcohol detox process is a priceless attribute of The Healing Place here in Fort Lauderdale, FL.”

What Is RX Rehab Like?

When you first enter into our treatment facility, you will meet with our admission specialists. Here, you will be asked to participate in an admission interview along with coinciding assessments that will help us get to know you and your history with prescription drugs better. It is important during this initial stage for us to fully understand your medical background, family history with addiction, and your personal history with prescription drug use. Understanding the origins of your addiction and how it has progressed over time will give our staff a glimpse into what has been impacting and influencing your ability to remain sober.  All of the information provided will be gathered and used as a guide to create an individualized treatment and detox plan that will maintain your overall safety and comfortability. 

After completing the initial admission portion, you will be moved into a prescription drug detox program. Here you will reside within our facility as you safely remove the negative influences of drugs from your body. Depending on the severity level of your prescription drug use, your body may have developed a physical dependence to the prescription medication. For this reason, under the supervision of medical professionals, we have you slowly taper off of drugs while in our care. If you were to suddenly stop your use of prescription drugs, your body may go into shock and be unable to function or perform daily tasks. You also run the risk of experiencing severe, life threatening withdrawal symptoms. By slowly reducing the amount and dosage of prescription drugs you are taking, you are allowing your body the time it needs to slowly relearn how to function normally without the influence of a chemical substance. As your time in detox progresses, you will eventually move to a place where you no longer need the medication to function and are able to safely discontinue your use of the prescription drugs. 

Now that your detox process is complete and you have regained some strength physically and emotionally, you will be ready to begin the hard, emotional work of healing from the pains of your addiction and navigating your newfound way of life into sobriety. Through a variety of therapy methods including individual sessions and facilitated group therapy sessions, you will have the opportunity to begin to delve deeper into what has been preventing you from remaining sober. Within the safety of our treatment center, you will have the dedicated support from our counselors who are experts in guiding patients through their therapeutic process and learning new skills to help maintain your new life in sobriety. Often, patients need to relearn basic life skills and how to do them sober such as navigating relationships, handling finances, and emotional regulation. Through our extensive methods of treatment and skill based teaching targeting relapse prevention, you will leave our facility feeling ready and able to navigate through any potential barriers that come up within your newfound life of sobriety. 

What To Expect During RX Rehab

A residential drug rehab program provides patients with an environment that fosters a sense of safety within a set structure and routine each day. It is not uncommon in the height of your addiction to feel like your life has become chaotic and unmanageable. When you begin prescription drug rehab, you will find the comfort in knowing what to expect each day with the set schedule of your individualized rehab program. 

Patients will participate in therapeutic sessions and recovery related groups and activities. Group activities are often based on developing new life skills for sobriety as well as relapse education and methods of prevention. We also believe that treatment is the best time to have patients become familiar with 12 step meetings so that when you complete your residential program, you will feel confident in the processes of support groups like AA and NA There will be time where you will have downtime for rest and relaxation as this is another crucial piece for recovery by learning methods of self care. You will have time to put your feet up in your room, private or shared depending on your preference, and relax with some tv or enjoy a nice bath in your private bathroom. 

How Long Does RX Rehab in Fort Lauderdale Last?

Patients entering into prescription drug rehab are asked to stay for a minimum of 30 days. This will give you enough time to become comfortable in your surroundings and fully engage in your therapeutic sessions. It has been said that to make a lasting, solid change in your life, you will need 28 days to instill a new change of behavior pattern. 30 days will give you the length of time you need to create the difference in your drug use you are hoping for. While other patients may wish to spend longer with us to take advantage of the comprehensive treatment models offered within our facility. For those that want to stay longer, you can choose options for 60 or 90 day rehab stays. 

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

At The Healing Place, our staff are experts in supporting patients to remove the devastating impacts of prescription drug use from their life. Patients come to us for a number of different drugs that they are taking and our staff are prepared to help patients regardless of their specific drug of choice. The most commonly abused prescription opioids we see patients entering into our drug rehab near me program for are:

  • Methadone 
  • Codeine 
  • Fentanyl 
  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone 
  • Hydrocodone 

Holistic RX Detox In Fort Lauderdale 

It is commonly known that detox from prescription opioids has negative side effects that can cause physical and psychological distress if not treated properly. While medical and therapeutic interventions are often necessary methods for healing, adding in additional holistic methods will increase your levels of comfort and ability for relaxation during your detox process. The various holistic methods offered within our center will help to reduce feelings of anxiety or depression, increase mental stamina/clarity, boost your immune system, and release negative toxins from your body. 

The Healing Place offers patients holistic treatment methods of :

  • Massage therapy 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Balanced nutrition and nutritional coaching 

Why Choose The Healing Place for RX Rehab

The Healing Place is the best prescription drug rehab program for residents of Fort Lauderdale for the exclusive methods of treatment offered to our patients. Our staff are incredibly focused and dedicated to supporting patients to obtain the life they have always wanted in sobriety. Many of our staff have gone through similar experiences themselves, helping you to know that when you ask for guidance or support, you are turning to someone that has been in your shoes before providing a truly genuine, empathic environment. Contact The Healing Place today to find out more about the specific treatment program that will be designed for you today! 

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