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Best Addiction Treatment Center for Alcohol & Drug Rehab for West Palm Beach Residents

Many of us will often tell ourselves that addiction will never happen to us or someone we care about. The unfortunate truth is that most people will go through life knowing at least one person struggling with addiction and, often, yourself. There has long been a stigma and misconception that anyone struggling with addiction will look and act similar to what is depicted in the movies, who has lost everything, disheveled clothing, and an inability to function within daily society. The truth is addiction happens to people of all walks of life regardless of demographics, socioeconomic backgrounds, and social status. Often, addiction results from previous pains or traumas that have not been processed and effectively dealt with. It is not a reflection on who you are as a person but merely shows that you have been doing the best you can with the tools that you have been provided.

The Healing Place offers residents of West Palm Beach an addiction treatment program that will focus on healing from your addiction physically, mentally, and spiritually. Addiction is a full-body disease that impacts your ability to function in all domains. An effective treatment program will provide you with healing and coping methods that will target your body, mind, and soul to ensure that the life change you are making will be long-lasting.

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“Being cared for during the drug and alcohol detox process is a priceless attribute of The Healing Place here in Fort Lauderdale, FL.”

Why Choose The Healing Place

The Healing Place offers West Palm Beach residents a unique approach to treatment that incorporates a faith-based structure. Unlike other treatment centers that only use the 12-step model, we offer our patients an opportunity to reconnect with their faith again and begin to incorporate that within their newfound way of sobriety. Often when you become entrenched in your addiction, many lose touch with their belief systems as you encounter hard times. We offer our patients a safe space to reintroduce their belief systems through faith-based programming as well as 12-step models where you can learn to lean on your higher power.

Addiction is often a lonely place to be, and many begin to feel as though no one else in this world could understand the hardships they are going through. This makes it easy for you to isolate yourself and avoid reaching out to others as you are going through the trials and tribulations of addiction. Patients often feel a sense of relief when they come through our doors and begin their addiction treatment program from the amount of care and support provided to each of our patients.

Our dedicated staff provides individualized care and specific attention to detail when formulating your rehab schedule. Every patient who comes to us has come from a different background, and your addiction began for unique and specific reasons. That is why we firmly believe that treatment cannot be viewed as a one size fits all model. To fully heal from your addiction, your therapy sessions and tools that you learn for relapse prevention will need to be centered around your story with substance use to recover from your past and build a new, healthy lifestyle in recovery. You will be given opportunities to learn more about yourself and your addiction through our evidence-based treatment methods paired with 12-step models of healing and alternate forms of healing. Truly healing from addiction means completely revamping your usual way of life and changing it to a more holistic, vibrant life where you take care of your mind, body, and soul.

How Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Works

When you want to end your alcohol use, it can often feel like alcohol is everywhere you turn due to the high level of normalcy around alcohol use in modern-day society. The Healing Place offers patients a safe space to remove themselves from the distractions and triggers that are riddled within society and allow you a space to focus on your recovery and treatment entirely.

Before you can begin your alcohol addiction treatment program, you will need to ensure that you are physically and mentally healthy to complete your alcohol rehab program. Many patients will need to enter into an alcohol detox program first, where you can safely remove the influences and toxins of alcohol from your body and mind. When you use alcohol for a continuous period, your body becomes physically dependent on it to function at an average level. Once you cease using alcohol, your body will resist the change and produce unpleasant and, sometimes, dangerous side effects known as withdrawal symptoms. While some symptoms are mild to moderate and don’t pose a risk to your safety, some patients may experience severe withdrawal symptoms that have the potential to become life-threatening.

Patients that have had long bouts of alcohol use are more at risk of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, patients will experience delirium tremens (DT’s), which cause the most severe side effects that have the potential for posing a danger to your life. If you are experiencing DT’s, you must participate in a medically supervised detox program where your symptoms will be monitored and treated by nurses and physicians.

Alcohol detox will typically last between 7-10 days, and patients will often feel the peak of their withdrawal symptoms between days 3-7. During your alcohol detox, you will be provided with medical care, including medications, if necessary, to help ease the severity of your symptoms and maintain your physical and emotional safety and well-being.

Once you are feeling healthy and stable, you will transition into your alcohol rehab program. You will meet with one of our counselors, who will work with you to identify your goals and hopes for treatment and create a specific treatment plan centered around your goals. Your days will consist of individual and group therapy sessions where you will be able to look within and identify the root cause of your addiction is. After pinpointing what has been impacting your ability to remain sober, you will be able to learn new life skills that will keep you on track for sobriety, including tools for emotional regulation, skills for avoiding relapse behavior, and managing triggering emotions and thoughts. When you are not in therapy sessions, you will have the opportunity to connect with other patients during your free time, where you can access our great amenities. Patients will also be invited to participate in 12-step meetings to help prepare and get you familiar with the support group format for when you graduate from your alcohol rehab program.

How Our Drug Addiction Treatment Program Works

Drug addiction can look different for many residents of West Palm Beach. While the nation is enduring an opioid epidemic, many other illicit drugs are on the market, affecting millions of Americans each day. Drug addiction often does not happen by choice. It usually occurs accidentally as many begin to use drugs recreationally and as a quick method of escaping day-to-day life. It is safe to say that no one starts using drugs to become hooked and dealing with the devastating side effects of severe drug addiction. The Healing Place offers residents of West Palm Beach a drug addiction treatment program that will help you release the hold addiction has on you and allow you to rediscover yourself through positive growth and change towards recovery.

These illicit drugs are incredibly addictive, and many users who begin using these substances become easily and quickly dependent on them to function each day. That is why patients are recommended to enter into a drug detox program before starting their drug rehab program within The Healing Place. It is hard to know your physical and emotional reactions once you stop your use of drugs until you begin your drug detox. To ensure that you will safely remove the influences of drugs from your body, you should be under the careful supervision of medical professionals who will be able to give you proper medical care, either through medications, holistic measures of treatment, or alternative healing methods that will work to keep you safe and comfortable. While most withdrawal symptoms are manageable and don’t pose a risk to your overall safety, there is potential that your symptoms could produce discomfort or pain and, in some cases, pose a threat to your general well-being.

Patients will usually experience withdrawal symptoms within 8 hours after using drugs. Symptoms will begin mild, and you will feel the peak of your symptoms within 3-7 days. During this time, nurses and doctors will be monitoring your progress and may include medication assistance to help ease the severity of your symptoms to keep you calm and relaxed. Patients will begin to feel healthy and stronger, typically, by days 7-10.

After you complete drug detox, you will move into your drug addiction treatment program. Patients will have the option of choosing a 30, 60, or 90-day program depending on their level of need and preference. During your stay with us, you will be invited to participate in our center’s important therapeutic sessions, including individual therapy sessions. Through the evidence-based methods of therapy provided, you will learn more about what has been the driving factors for your addiction. Once this is identified, you will have the support of our counselors to effectively process the emotions and memories that are tied to your addiction. From there, we want to work with you to develop new coping methods that lead you away from drug use and utilize healthy coping strategies that will include methods of natural healing through holistic measures. Our staff is dedicated to helping you find a new way of life and creating a new daily routine that fosters your newfound life in sobriety. Many believe that you will no longer face hardships when you get sober. Unfortunately, life still happens even when we are sober, but what does change is your ability to manage the ups and downs of life while still remaining clean and sober. You will become an expert in managing your emotions and thoughts through your drug rehab program’s critical life skills and relapse prevention tools.

How Our Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Works

Prescription drugs made significant breakthroughs in the medical world to treat mental health or physical conditions, specifically ones that produce feelings of pain or discomfort. The unfortunate downside to these medications is that they can become highly addictive if misused. While your medical conditions are genuine and you need support in managing them, other natural ways of healing and coping will keep you away from these dangerous and addictive side effects that prescription drugs produce. The Healing Place offers patients a comprehensive approach to prescription drug addiction treatment that will provide them with new healing methods through various avenues of treatment that move past the use of medications.

If you have engaged in prescription drug use for an extended period, your body has become reliant on these medications to function normally each day. Often, it is too dangerous to abruptly stop using these medications due to the severe side effects that can ensue. Patients should enter into a detox program where medical professionals can monitor them while safely removing these substances from their bodies. Patients may need to slowly taper off of these medications while in detox to allow their body time and space to safely adjust to functioning without using these addictive medications. Once you complete your detox program, you will be transitioned into your prescription drug addiction treatment program.

Prescription drug use often starts because of a pre-existing medical concern that you were trying to treat and manage with drugs. An effective rehab program will not only look at healing you from your addiction but also look at ways of coping and healing from your co-occurring medical concerns. Patients will be offered to participate in a dual diagnosis program where you will learn new, natural methods of managing your co-occurring disorder through holistic and alternative ways while also removing the harmful effects of prescription drug addiction. During your treatment, you will gain perspective on how your addiction and co-occurring disorder impact one another and learn the skills to live in sobriety and wellness at the same time effectively.

Choosing An Addiction Treatment Center Near You

The Healing Place offers residents of West Palm Beach a treatment option that is easily accessible within your own beautiful state of Florida. Located in Fort Lauderdale, you will be able to remain close to home and enjoy the serene backdrop of the Florida skies and landscape, all while putting in the work for a genuinely remarkable healing experience.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The Healing Place believes that every person has the right to addiction treatment should they want it and that every person has the right to heal from the emotional and physical ties to addiction. That is why we want to break down any barriers, including financial restraints. We accept most major insurance providers. If you have an insurance provider that will not cover your cost, we will work with you to find a payment plan that will fit within your budget.

Holistic Addiction Therapy in West Palm Beach 

The Healing Place stands out from other treatment centers in Florida due to the focus we place on healing from addiction physically, mentally, and spiritually. To support our patients in having a well-rounded healing experience, we offer various holistic methods of treatment that will be beneficial throughout your rehab program and can still be utilized when you transition home after treatment.

Aftercare- What Happens After Rehab

After you complete your addiction treatment program, you will transition home and use what you have learned within our center. With that said, your time with us will be packed full of new ideas and methodologies for living a long, sober life, and trying to incorporate those into your daily life at home may require some additional support. That is why we offer our patients a variety of aftercare programs that will give you the level of support you need as you make the critical transition into your home environment with your fresh, sober perspective. Patients will have the option of choosing from the following aftercare options:

Transitioning into a sober living residence where you can slowly ease back into entering the “real world” and have staff support within the residence as you get your bearings in a new sober world.

Outpatient programs where you will have the ongoing support of counseling sessions to help you work through any challenges and successes that are coming up for you as you move back into your regular life routine.

Support groups can often look like 12-step meetings or SMART recovery meetings. These will allow you to stay connected to a community of other individuals navigating and thriving in recovery.

Sober Friendly Things To Do In West Palm Beach

Once you have completed addiction treatment and have returned home to a regular routine, you will need to adjust to have fun and entertain yourself that is different from your old patterns. Many patients express that they do not know how to have sober fun and often ask what is available for them to participate in. Luckily for residents of West Palm Beach, you have ample options for activities that will keep you busy, active, and engaged regardless of what you choose. Remember, getting sober is an exciting time. You get to rediscover the world around you and the fun it entails that you did not experience before when you were active in your addiction. Here are some examples of the fun activities you can partake in within the West Palm Beach area.

McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit some big cats, turtles, and other wildlife at McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary. After being rescued or donated from other sanctuaries, these animals have been brought to this sanctuary.

12943 61st St N, West Palm Beach, FL 33412

Okeeheelee Park

Visit Okeeheelee Park, where you can enjoy the beautiful weather of West Palm Beach while taking in activities such as water skiing, disc golf, an equestrian center, and bike trails, including a BMX path.

7715 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33413

West Palm Beach Green Market

Enjoy the local food and stands offered at the Green Market. A local flea market where you can indulge more in your culinary side or take in some crafty stands to spark your art interest. Whatever your interest, you will be sure to find something enjoyable in this market.

101 S Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Ragtops Automobile Museum

Experience a blast from the past in the automobile world by going through Ragtops Automobile Museum. You will get to see classic vintage cars from decades prior that will spark your interest and enthusiasm for cars.

2025 N Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Parasailing Palm Beach

Get a new, breathtaking perspective on West Palm Beach as you glide through the air while parasailing.

200 E 13th St P32, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

What Does Treatment Look Like At The Healing Place?

The Healing Place offers a treatment opportunity that is like no other for residents of West Palm Beach due to the emphasis placed on supporting each patient on an individual level. This means that we take into account your views on your treatment, your goals for recovery and get to know your style of learning to ensure that we tailor a treatment program that will genuinely check off all your boxes for reaching sobriety and happiness. Our counselors have come from lived experience with addiction and understand the highs and lows that can come with addiction and recovery, which is why our staff are here to support you 24/7 to meet your potential and hopes for living a healthy, happy life in sobriety.

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