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Top-Rated Drug Detox in West Palm Beach

Drug addiction has affected Americans for many years, but recently, the rising numbers of people overdosing and often losing their life from drug addiction has nearly tripled since 1990. While many drug users are aware of the risks associated with their use, they remain addicted and unable to stop this potentially dangerous addiction. Many find themselves saying that they are done with using drugs and are ready to quit, but then life happens, or a situation or thought occurs that brings you right back to picking up another batch of drugs to start the cycle again. This process doesn’t reflect on who you are as a person; it merely demonstrates the powerful effect illicit drugs can have, especially when you do not have the tools or skills to manage life’s ups and downs on your own. The good news is that there is hope for a new life, and it begins with a drug detox program.

Residents of West Palm Beach have successfully removed their addiction to drugs through the medically supervised detox facility offered within The Healing Place. Our team consists of men and women that understand the powerful hold that addiction can have over you, as many of our staff have had their own personal history with addiction. We find that the most empowering and effective support that individuals need while going through this significant life change is to be surrounded by others who truly understand the nature of addiction. Our staff will be with you every step of the way as you work to remove the toxic chemicals of drugs from your system.

What sets The Healing Place aside from other drug detox and rehab programs emphasizes your own unique story and needs. Using a cookie-cutter format for each patient will lower the chances of your success as your addiction is unique to you, and your detox treatment should reflect that. Each patient who walks through our doors will be provided with an individualized detox plan centered around their personal needs and drug history.

While most detox and rehab programs will utilize the 12-step model of NA, we want to provide our patients with a strong faith-based program that allows them to reconnect spiritually to accelerate their healing process. Our patients have found that the ability to find strength in something bigger than themselves or by finding faith within themselves again is significantly essential to facilitate a long-lasting change to sobriety.

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“Being cared for during the drug and alcohol detox process is a priceless attribute of The Healing Place here in Fort Lauderdale, FL.”

What Is Drug Detox Like?

For our team to provide you with a personalized and unique detox plan, we first will need to get to know you and your addiction better. This is done through our admission process. At this time, we will complete admission intake paperwork that will thoroughly go through your history with drugs and the extent of your use. To maintain your safety throughout your detox process, we will need to know how often you use drugs, the amount you use each time, and how often you will take them. By knowing your drug use patterns, we will better understand the severity of your addiction and ensure you have the proper medical and therapeutic support set up to ensure your success in recovery. Along with your drug history, we will want to know more about your physical and mental health state. Drug detox and withdrawal symptoms can affect you physically and emotionally, which is why our staff need to know any pre-existing conditions so your detox plan can be created accordingly and safely to support your healing and maintain optimal health. 

Once we get to know you and complete the initial admission process, you will be welcomed into our residential facility, where you will begin your detox process. Our team of medical professionals will be monitoring you throughout your stay to ensure that any unfavorable responses or side effects will be mitigated and managed effectively. Each day and throughout the day, we will assess your progress and make any adjustments to your detox plan to keep it up to date and treat any presenting symptoms as they arise. 

How Long Does Drug Detox Last?

Drug detox is the critical first step you need to accomplish on your path to recovery. While many have reservations or concerns about how detox will be for them and how long they will experience the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal. Your drug detox program will depend on your drug of choice and your personal history of using drugs. With that said, most patients will experience withdrawal symptoms within the first 24 hours since they last used drugs. These symptoms are often mild, including headaches, nausea, insomnia, or muscle pains. Within three days, it is common for patients to feel the most severe withdrawal symptoms. This often lasts for a few days, with many beginning to feel more like themselves and healthier by day seven. If you have used drugs for an extended period, you may experience withdrawal symptoms for up to 10 to 14 days. 

What To Expect During Drug Detox

Many have heard or experienced some difficult withdrawal symptoms during drug detox, which often creates nervousness or reservations about entering a drug detox program. Our team wants to assure you that your safety and comfort are our top priority. While patients can feel severe withdrawal symptoms that produce uncomfortable or unpleasant symptoms, our team of men and women can provide patients with medication that will help to ease the severity of their symptoms and reduce any intense, persistent drug cravings. Our medical team will monitor your symptoms and provide holistic and medical interventions to help you get through this process with ease while supporting you to relax and let your body and mind heal. 

Common withdrawal symptoms that patients experience can range from the following:

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Nausea 
  • Tremors 
  • Sweating 
  • Muscle and body aches 
  • Changes in heart rate and respiratory functioning 
  • Hallucinations 
  • Seizures 

While most withdrawal symptoms are manageable, there is a risk for high-risk behavior and emotional responses during drug detox. In some patients, there has been a risk of drug-induced psychosis. Without the proper medical and therapeutic support, patients can act out in ways that enable self-harm or harm others. Should this occur while in drug detox, our team has the medications and counseling support to help you mitigate these side effects safely. Others may act out in aggression during detox. With the support of our medical and therapeutic team, patients have been able to work through these difficult emotions effectively and remain focused on their goals for recovery.

Holistic Drug Detox in West Palm Beach 

The use of drugs negatively affects a person’s physical functioning as the chemicals they are composed of negatively interact with our own physiological makeup. While medication can be offered, The Healing Place wants to provide patients with methods of healing that promote natural, organic healing. Through processes of holistic detox treatment, you will be able to safely regain your physical strength and functioning while continuing to eliminate drug use from your life. 

Often holistic detox methods will target the unpleasant emotions associated with detoxes, such as anxiety or depression. Patients are offered to participate in acupuncture, massage therapy, aromatherapy, manual lymphatic drainage, and nutritional guidance to help foster a healthy recovery with methods that can be used even after you leave our facility. Often these holistic treatments provide patients with a beneficial outlet for these triggering and complex emotions and allow them to remain focused on their healing process and the ultimate goal of sobriety. 

When you pair holistic detox with the additional evidence-based therapies offered within our program, you will be able to learn more about the emotions, situations, and thoughts that trigger you to use drugs. You will have the tools in your toolbelt to manage those uncomfortable feelings and remain sober effectively. 

Why Choose The Healing Place

West Palm Beach residents turn to The Healing Place for their haven for removing drug addiction due to the high level of care and consideration put into each of our patients’ detox programs. Addiction can happen to anyone at any time, and we want to provide you with a space where you can remove the stigma and shame associated with addiction and replace it with a renewed sense of passion for life and yourself again. With the support of our counselors, you will be able to understand the underlying causes of your addiction and learn new methods of processing and healing that you can carry forward with you throughout your new life in recovery. Call one of our compassionate staff today to take the first step towards the rest of your sober, healthy life.

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