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Top Rated Drug Detox in Fort Lauderdale

Over the last few decades, Americans have seen an increase in the number of people turning to drugs to cope and manage with their life. What often starts as a recreational activity that happens on the weekends can quickly turn into a severe dependency before the individual knows it. What is an even more increasing worry is the chemical makeup of these drugs and the growing risk and dangers associated with drug use due to the fentanyl crisis sweeping the nation. If you are actively in your drug addiction, it is not uncommon to know of someone that has succumbed and lost their life due to an unintentional drug overdose. With the rising numbers of individuals  the opioid epidemic has been impacting, many have begun to consider a way to safely exit from their life of addiction.

When you are ready to do the work and change your addictive behaviors by eliminating the use of drugs from your system, the best course of action is to enter a drug detox program. Regardless of your drug of choice, there will be withdrawal side effects as you detox. Setting yourself up to be in a safe, secure environment to detox under the care of medical professionals will ensure that your safety and comfortability is held at the highest regard.

The Healing Place provides Fort Lauderdale residents with a holistic method of healing and detoxing while providing you with a unique, individualized detox plan. We strongly believe that a successful detox program is one that honors each patients’ personal stories and backgrounds by creating specific detox schedules and goals that are centered around your own ideals and goals for recovery. Your unique needs will be different from other patients which is why we believe a one size fits all model for detox and treatment does not suffice for our patients. We continue to develop and adjust your detox plan throughout your stay to ensure that you are receiving appropriate medical care as you progress into a healthier state while working through your withdrawal symptoms. 

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“Being cared for during the drug and alcohol detox process is a priceless attribute of The Healing Place here in Fort Lauderdale, FL.”

What Is Drug Detox Like?

Addiction is a progressive disease that develops over time. Typically, patients will be using drugs with no intention of developing a physical dependency. In fact, a common theme we hear from our patients is that most people had the common misconception that drug addiction wouldn’t happen to them and that they were invincible to the devastating effects of addiction. Unfortunately, many patients that enter our facility have recognized the strong hold that drugs can have over you and how quickly what started as a fun, once in a while pastime can quickly progress to a physical and emotional dependency. 

When we first talk with patients who are preparing to come into a drug detox program, we often hear questions and concerns about drug detox and how it will affect them.  While mainstream media has often depicted extreme cases of detoxing from drugs in TV and movies, this does not mean that your drug detox will resemble these depictions. In fact, our highly trained and qualified medical team specializes in maintaining our patients’ levels of comfort and physical and emotional safety.  Each day you will have consistent supervision of a nurse or physician who will be monitoring your vitals and progress in detox. As you begin to feel an onset of withdrawal symptoms, you will be provided with medical and holistic interventions to mitigate the severity of your symptoms. 

How Long Does Drug Detox Last?

Your drug addiction is personal to you and your specific story which means that your experience with addiction will look different from another person’s. Your history with drug use, any pre existing medical concerns, and family history with drugs will impact your addiction and, also, play a significant role in your detox process. If you are someone that recently began your drug use, your withdrawal symptoms have the potential of presenting in less severe effects. For someone that has been using drugs for an extended period of time, your body has had a longer time to develop a physical dependency on drugs to function at a regular pace. This means that when you go through your detox process, it may create more severe challenges and symptoms during detox. With that said, it can be hard to predict how long you will specifically be going through detox until you are going through the process. Our compassionate team will provide you with the medical and psychological attention to ensure that this process goes as smooth as possible for you.

Patients that enter into our drug detox program will, often, begin to feel initial, minor stages of withdrawal symptoms within 8 hours after your last dose of drugs has been taken. Symptoms will tend to progress and reach the peak of symptoms first before you begin to go back down to normal levels of functioning. Often by 3 and lasting until or up to 7 days, patients will experience the height of their drug withdrawal. This is the time that our nurses and doctors will be checking in with you the most as you go through unpleasant side effects. Here we can offer patients treatment methods to help lessen the severity of your symptoms so you can stay focused on your overarching recovery goals. Typically, after day 7, patients will begin to regain their strength and start to feel healthy again.  

What To Expect During Drug Detox

When you first arrive at our facility, you will first meet with one of our supportive admission specialists. During this time, you will be invited to participate in an intake interview and assessments. The purpose of completing this paperwork with us is for our staff to gain a better understanding of what has brought you to our facility in the first place. In order to build you a specific detox plan that meets your individual needs, we will need to know how long you have been using drugs, the specific drugs you have been using, and the quantity and frequency of your drug use patterns. This information will help us prepare and create a detox plan that will be sure to meet your needs while enabling us to be prepared with proper interventions to assist in any potential withdrawal symptoms.

After you complete your admission, you will be able to move into our residential facility where you can begin your detox process within our facility. Here, you will be moved into a bedroom where you can choose to have a roommate or opt for a private room. We want to provide our patients with a comfortable environment where you can take the time and space you need to rest and rejuvenate as you move through the detox process. Your body will need downtime as you eliminate the toxins of drugs from your body and our team will honor ad provide you with what you need to have you remaining comfortable and at ease.

Our facility has ample staff and medical professionals on shift, day or night, who are there to provide patients with the support and guidance they need to get through this, sometimes, difficult process.  As you experience withdrawal symptoms, you will be monitored by our medical team who keeps your safety and wellbeing at the forefront of their mind. Depending on the drugs that you have previously engaged in and are detoxing from, you will experience different withdrawal symptoms. However, here are some common drug withdrawal symptoms:

  •   Headaches
  •    Nausea
  •   Body tremors
  •   Insomnia
  •  Fatigue
  •  Flu or cold like symptoms- runny nose, chills, fever
  •  Excessive sweating or cold sweats
  •  Anxiety
  •  Depression
  • Vivid dreams or nightmares
  •   Seizures
  • Audio or visual hallucinations
  •  Muscle or joint pain

Due to the severity of symptoms that are felt, you may be offered medication assisted treatment to assist in lowering the severity of your symptoms. These medications will help to keep your body functioning at a healthy, normal level and eliminate potential life-threatening risks to overall well being. During detox, patients may experience severe drug cravings that can overtake your mind and, often, are the biggest factor in patients leaving early. With some medications, your strong drug urges can be significantly lessened to help keep you on track to achieve your recovery goals. 

Holistic Drug Detox In Fort Lauderdale 

Our hope during your detox process is that you will begin to learn the skills for how to manage any unpleasant feelings or thoughts with the use of natural ways of coping. That is why we empathize the importance of natural, holistic measures of healing. We offer our patients of Fort Lauderdale options for symptoms management in your detox process that will alleviate your feelings of anxiety or stress, build up your immune system functioning, act as a method of pain management, release harsh toxins from your body, and promote rest and relaxation within you. What patients really appreciate about our holistic measures of treatment is that these are coping tools that can be used even after you complete your drug detox and rehab program.

The Healing Place offers patients the following holistic measures to treatment that patients can also participate in once they have completed our drug detox and rehab programs:

  • ·         Acupuncture
  • ·         Nutrition coaching and guidance
  • ·         Healthy exercise routine
  • ·         Aromatherapy
  • ·         Massage therapy
  • ·         Manual lymphatic drainage 

Why Choose The Healing Place

The Healing Place is the leading choice for Fort Lauderdale residents who are looking for a drug detox program that will focus on a well-rounded approach to heal from addiction. Through our evidence based, individualized treatment methods, patients can gain insight on their personal story with addiction while learning methods for coping and relapse prevention through our comprehensive treatment methods. Don’t wait any longer to start on your journey to happiness and sobriety. Someone from our team is waiting to hear from you to be able to create you a detox plan that will have you healing from the inside out. 


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