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Advantages of Residential Alcohol Rehab for Fort Lauderdale Residents

Living with an alcohol addiction can often feel like you are alone in a downward spiral as you try to navigate your way out of it. Many Fort Lauderdale residents who are trying to stop their problematic drinking often feel as though there are obstacles in the way every time you attempt to get sober. When you attempt to quit drinking on your own in the same environment that has been fuelling your addiction, you will still be faced with the triggers and speed bumps that life puts in your way that have previously affected your ability to remain sober. By choosing a residential alcohol rehab program, you will remove any barriers to success by entering into a safe, secure environment that facilitates change. Our compassionate staff will be available to you 24/7 to support you in making this important life change into sobriety. 

The Healing Place is the best option for residential alcohol rehab for Fort Lauderdale residents due to the individualized care that is provided to each and everyone of our patients that enters through our doors. We see you as the unique individual you are and remove the label of alcoholic from you. You are more than your addiction. In fact, you are a resilient human being that has been managing life the best way you know how with the only tools you know. While you are under our care, we work hard to provide you with the self determination and empowerment to create this necessary and beneficial change into a life of recovery from alcohol. Through our evidence based treatment methods, you will learn the skills you need to maintain a life of sobriety and equip you with the tools to handle any curve balls that life can throw your way. 

We strongly believe that in order to fully heal from your addiction, you will need to heal your body, mind, and soul. That is why our treatment methods embody holistic approaches to healing that will target your psychological, physical and spiritual needs. Moving into a sober way of life requires a complete lifestyle change. Our dedicated staff are here to help you create a new daily routine that incorporates methods of effective self care and emotional regulation. 

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“Being cared for during the drug and alcohol detox process is a priceless attribute of The Healing Place here in Fort Lauderdale, FL.”

Why Residential Alcohol Rehab Works

Most patients that have entered our facility have attempted to quit drinking on their own but each time there have been obstacles preventing their success. This is due to the fact that by only eliminating alcohol from your consumption is merely the first step in a long road to recovery. Without looking inwards at why you started drinking and continue to drink, you will not be able to have the emotional breakthrough and healing that you desperately are looking for. Residential rehab supports patients through individual and group therapy sessions that will teach you more about the root causes of your addiction. Through evidence based therapy, you will gain understanding of the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that have negatively impacted your ability to cope and remain abstinent from alcohol. Through therapy, you will be able to identify these problematic emotions in the moment they occur and learn methods of coping and processing these emotions without picking up a bottle to numb out what you are feeling. 

When you are at the height of your addiction, it is common for life to feel chaotic with little to no structure or routine. Often, your biggest concern is when you can have your next drink and how you will get it. Attention to your personal wellbeing is often overlooked and basic life skills such as proper nutrition get thrown out the window. When you enter into inpatient alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale, you will be integrated back into a lifestyle of a daily routine that incorporates physical acidity and proper nutrition. Along with structured days, you will begin to have a proper night’s sleep as you incorporate healthy sleeping patterns. These basic life skills are crucial in setting you up for success even after you complete your residential rehab program and return home. 

It is easy to feel like no one can relate to you when you are actively in your alcohol addiction. As you begin your alcohol rehab program, you will be amazed with how much you can relate to your peers and fellow patients. We often see connections being made within our facility that last a lifetime. By creating these relationships with other patients it is the first step in building a solid recovery community around you that will last even once you are finished with your rehab program. 

How Long Is Alcohol Rehab

The Healing Place offers patients with options for how long they can stay with us for inpatient alcohol rehab. We understand that some patients may only require a brief break from their home environment to give them enough time to hit the reset button on their addiction while learning the skills for relapse prevention. For those patients, a 30 day rehab stay will give you enough time to get settled into your new environment, build trust and rapport with your counselors, and have enough time to create a lasting change. 

Other patients may wish to spend longer with us to give themselves optimal time for healing and self discovery. For those who wish to stay longer, you are invited to stay for a 60 or 90 day program. This often gives patients opportunities to complete specialized therapies such as family therapy or dual diagnosis treatment. 

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol Rehab

When you are looking for an alcohol addiction treatment program that will give you the space and time you need to focus on yourself without outside distractions, Fort Lauderdale residents have chosen to attend inpatient alcohol rehab. Here, you will have the freedom to solely focus on your healing journey without feeling guilty or obligated to attend prior commitments.There are times that a patient’s home environment does not have a solid foundation of support from the family or loved ones you’re living with. Inpatient gives you the safety of being in a secure facility with supportive staff available whenever you need them as you navigate your way through early recovery. 

Inpatient alcohol rehab invites you to attend therapeutic sessions as well as engage in social events around the center that will have you engaging with other patients all the while learning that a life in sobriety can still be enjoyable and fulfilling. 

While others may feel that they have a solid base of support at home and prefer to have the flexibility in choosing their treatment schedule. We understand that, in some situations, it is not possible to put your life on hold as you partake in alcohol rehab programs.Outpatient alcohol rehab programs offers patients options to treatment that allow you to attend the center for therapeutic sessions while giving you the freedom to return home in the evening or maintain your employment. 

Outpatient alcohol rehab is often used as a stepping stone for patients exiting inpatient treatment. While you are in residential alcohol treatment, there are many skills learned and you are in the beginning stages of  implementing your new way of life. Often, patients find benefit to the added support and  care of our outpatient counselors as you take what you have learned and apply it to your everyday life. 

Holistic Inpatient Alcohol Rehab In Fort Lauderdale

The secret to a successful life in sobriety is learning how to take care of yourself completely. This includes physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our holistic methods of healing provide patients the opportunity to engage in healthy coping techniques that can be utilized even after you leave our facility. Unfortunately, life will still have bumps in the road even when we are sober. But by learning methods of coping with these uncomfortable feelings, you will be able to handle anything that life puts in your way without turning to alcohol. 

Holistic methods of healing offered within our facility are:

  • Massage therapy- used to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation 
  • Acupuncture- effective means to treating pain while also reducing anxiety 
  • Aromatherapy- activate your sense of smell to reduce anxiety and increase your body’s relaxation 
  • Manual lymphatic drainage- form of massage therapy that releases toxins and promotes relaxation 
  • Nutrition- Increasing your intake in vitamins and nutrients to promote physical well being and strengthen immune system 

Why Choose The Healing Place

Healing from alcohol requires an introspective look within to understand the core reasons for your drinking behaviors while incorporating full body healing through holistic methods of treatment. The Healing Place provides patients with a safe haven to release the emotional wounds of the past to move towards a future in recovery. Our individualized treatment methods support any person from any walk of life that enters our center to heal their body, mind, and spirit from the nature of alcohol addiction. Our staff are here to support you to facilitate the change you have been wanting to see within yourself and make your recovery dreams come to light. 

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