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Fort Lauderdale’s #1 Drug Rehab Treatment Program

Drug addiction is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. With the rising numbers of overdose related deaths due to the opioid epidemic, many American residents have been searching for ways to exit their drug addiction safely before they succumb to this deadly disease. Fort Lauderdale residents have found hope within the drug rehab treatment program offered through The Healing Place. Patients that have entered into our programs have had their hope restored that a life free from the chains of addiction is possible through our individualized treatment options. 

When you are healing from a drug addiction, it requires an in depth approach that assists you in healing from your addictive behaviors physically, psychologically, and emotionally. We believe that true healing comes from within and requires an indepth look at how your addiction has been impacting your general wellbeing. We offer patients a holistic method to treatment where you will learn various strategies to take care of your overall well being through healthy methods of self care and mindfulness. 

Through our evidence based treatment methods, you will gain an understanding on how your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors impact your addiction and ability to remain sober. Our counselors will work with you to learn the skills for identifying emotions in the moment and learn skills for effective emotional regulation and awareness. Becoming sober doesn’t mean you will avoid having unpleasant emotions because life still happens even when we are sober. The difference will be that you will be able to effectively manage your emotions without having negative responses that lead to drug use. 

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“Being cared for during the drug and alcohol detox process is a priceless attribute of The Healing Place here in Fort Lauderdale, FL.”

Difference Between Outpatient & Residential Drug Rehab

Finding a treatment program that is the right fit for you and your current needs and lifestyle is crucial to your success. Each patient that enters into our programs requires a unique approach to your individualized treatment program that will provide you the level of support you need.That is why we offer our patients a variety of treatment methods that will be sure to meet you where you are at.

 Fort Lauderdale residents that require a break for their day to day routine and environments that have contributed to your addiction, choosing an inpatient residential drug rehab program will give you the intensive level of support you need as you reside within our facility that has onsite staff of counselors and medical professionals day or night. Often, in order to make a lasting change towards sobriety it is important to remove yourself from the potential barriers and triggers that can occur within your daily living. 

Residential drug rehab gives patients the opportunity to be in a safe setting that is surrounded by other patients with the same similar goals of becoming clean and sober from drugs. More often than not, our patients are able to begin to build connections with one another through the group therapy sessions and social activities around our treatment center. A strong foundation in recovery is based on a solid circle of support that will be there to keep you focused and on track for your recovery goals. Often in the height of your addiction, it was common to tackle life’s ups and downs on your own as you felt like no one could understand. When you are facing these challenges on your own, it can become overwhelming which then perpetuates addictive behavior. Learning to rely on others for support and reach out in times of need will be the pillar for your success. 

Patients that feel they have a stable support system that they can rely on at home and feel confident in their ability to follow a treatment program while still residing in their home can choose to attend an outpatient drug rehab program. Outpatient is offered through different modalities and gives patients the freedom to maintain their employment and take care of their families while still attending the treatment center for therapeutic sessions. Often patients who have completed a residential drug rehab program will opt to participate in an outpatient drug rehab program to give themselves the added support as you transition back into your home environment. The additional support from our counselors will help you take the skills you have learned in residential rehab and apply them to your day to day life. Often patients find the first 6 months out of treatment to have the most challenges. Having access to support while you work through the transitions of your recovery will only add to your success in sobriety. 

Drug Rehab for Cocaine, Meth, Heroin & Hard Narcotics

The Healing Place offers patients a safe haven for patients to undergo treatment for your addiction to hard narcotics. The highly addictive components of cocaine, meth, and heroin can lead a person to a path of destruction if not treated properly. Often patients develop a physical dependency to these substances that require a medical drug detox program to help you safely remove the toxic chemicals of these drugs. As you go through drug detox in Fort Lauderdale, you will be monitored by nurses and physicians that will ensure your safety while keeping you in a relaxed comfortable state. As you experience withdrawal side effects, you will be offered medications and holistic measures of treatment that will help ease your unpleasant emotions and maintain your physical symptoms at a manageable, stable level. 

Our drug rehab program will help patients understand the root causes of their addiction. Your drug addiction has progressed over time and by taking the time to look further into what has been the contributing factors of your ability to remain sober will help you identify areas of support and growth to help you create healthy coping strategies. 

Opioid & Prescription Drug Rehab

Patients who are living with an opioid or prescription drug addiction have, typically, entered into this addiction by accident. Often, due to a co-occurring disorder that you needed to treat with a prescription medication. While doctors prescribe these medications with no ill will, when patients are at their most vulnerable and trying to manage pre-existing medical and psychological conditions, the allure of an escape through a euphoric high produced from prescription drugs can often feel like the only way to manage these emotions. 

By participating in a dual diagnosis program, you will have the opportunity to gain the awareness and skills on how to effectively manage your co-occuring disorder while healing from your addictive behaviors.You will acquire new perspectives on how your use of drugs have impacted the symptoms you feel from your co-occuring disorder. Through holistic treatment, you will learn new, healthy methods of releasing unpleasant emotions and curb uncomfortable symptoms with the use of positive, healing outlets. 

What To Expect During Drug Rehab

A residential drug rehab program offers patients a residential facility that offers daily structure and routine. Your days will consist of participating in individual and group therapy sessions where you will dive deeper into the emotions and difficult memories or traumas that have impacted your addiction. When you are not in therapy, you will participate in recovery related programming that will help you develop life skills and tools for relapse prevention. 

How Long Does Drug Rehab Take?

Each patient’s addiction is authentic to them and requires an individualized plan for their rehab schedule.That is why we offer our patients different options for lengths of time to participate in residential drug rehab. Patients that are motivated to participate in therapy sessions and dive into making the change towards sobriety while only being away from home for a minimal amount of time will stay for 30 days. Patients that require additional support and more time to focus on their inner healing can opt to stay for 60 or 90 days.

Holistic Drug Rehab In Fort Lauderdale 

Healing from addiction requires a full body, mind and soul approach to treatment. Fort Lauderdale residents have benefited from the holistic methods of treatment offered within our facility. Patients have noticed a significant improvement on their ability to manage challenging emotions such as anxiety or depression through holistic treatment as well as releasing toxins and increasing endorphins. Patients have also noticed an improvement in their immune system functioning after participating in these treatment modalities. 

Holistic treatment options that are available within The Healing Place are :

  • Acupuncture 
  • Massage therapy 
  • Lymphatic manual drainage 
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Healthy, balanced nutrition coaching and guidance 

Why Choose The Healing Place

When you are looking for a treatment center that honors and respects the path you have walked on during your active addiction, Fort Lauderdale residents have turned to The Healing Place for a truly customized approach to treatment. Our mission is to provide patients with quality, individualized care that is done through a trauma informed lens. We understand that a life living in addiction is often filled with unpleasant and difficult memories and emotions. Our counselors will walk with you and let you be the guide in your treatment process. Your safety and comfortability in treatment is held at our highest regard. Contact The Healing Place today to find out about the specialized treatment program that can be offered to you today.

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